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Welcome to our brand new site, Nicaragua Real Estates dot com, where you will find the best property in the entire country of Nicaragua, including the major cities and tourist destinations like:

City Country Population Size
Managua Nicaragua 973,087
León Nicaragua 144,538
Masaya Nicaragua 130,113
Tipitapa Nicaragua 127,153
Chinandega Nicaragua 126,387
Matagalpa Nicaragua 109,089
Estelí Nicaragua 96,422
Granada Nicaragua 89,409
Ciudad Sandino Nicaragua 70,013
Juigalpa Nicaragua 54,731
El Viejo Nicaragua 53,504
Nueva Guinea Nicaragua 52,929
Jinotega Nicaragua 51,073
Bluefields Nicaragua 44,373
Diriamba Nicaragua 35,008
Ocotal Nicaragua 33,928
Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua 33,635
Chichigalpa Nicaragua 33,137
Rivas Nicaragua 30,293
San Rafael del Sur Nicaragua 29,836
Jinotepe Nicaragua 29,507
Boaco Nicaragua 29,046
Nagarote Nicaragua 26,270
Jalapa Nicaragua 24,037
La Paz Centro Nicaragua 23,481
San Marcos Nicaragua 23,347
Masatepe Nicaragua 21,452
Nandaime Nicaragua 20,810
Rama Nicaragua 20,456
Somoto Nicaragua 20,316
Corinto Nicaragua 19,183
Río Blanco Nicaragua 17,018
Camoapa Nicaragua 16,653
El Crucero Nicaragua 16,469
Siuna Nicaragua 16,056
Somotillo Nicaragua 15,385
Santo Tomás Nicaragua 14,809
Quilalí Nicaragua 13,590
San Carlos Nicaragua 13,451
Ciudad Darío Nicaragua 13,318
Ticuantepe Nicaragua 13,209
El Sauce Nicaragua 11,898
Condega Nicaragua 11,000
Acoyapa Nicaragua 10,563
Matiguás Nicaragua 10,523
Diriomo Nicaragua 10,113
Telica Nicaragua 8,776
San Lorenzo Nicaragua 8,694
Corn Island Nicaragua 8,011
Bocana de Paiwas Nicaragua 7,872
Villa Sandino Nicaragua 7,799
San Juan del Sur Nicaragua 7,790
Niquinohomo Nicaragua 7,732
Larreynaga Nicaragua 7,703
Puerto Morazán Nicaragua 7,671
San Jorge Nicaragua 7,158
Nindirí Nicaragua 7,073
Dolores Nicaragua 7,065
Wiwilí Nicaragua 6,955
La Concepción Nicaragua 6,946
Nandasmo Nicaragua 6,934
Laguna de Perlas Nicaragua 6,809
Waslala Nicaragua 6,498
Posoltega Nicaragua 6,403
Waspam Nicaragua 6,403
Bonanza Nicaragua 6,315
El Realejo Nicaragua 6,208
Santo Domingo Nicaragua 5,827
Santa Teresa Nicaragua 5,789
San Rafael del Norte Nicaragua 5,458
Belén Nicaragua 5,415
El Ayote Nicaragua 5,406
Potosí Nicaragua 5,222
Carlos Fonseca Amador Nicaragua 5,219
Tisma Nicaragua 5,182
Masachapa Nicaragua 5,000
San Juan de Limay Nicaragua 4,997
Muy Muy Nicaragua 4,839
Pueblo Nuevo Nicaragua 4,608
San Sebastián de Yalí Nicaragua 4,514
Teustepe Nicaragua 4,287
San Miguelito Nicaragua 4,181
Jiquilillo Nicaragua 4,142
Moyogalpa Nicaragua 3,940
San Dionisio Nicaragua 3,910
Diriá Nicaragua 3,903
San Fernando Nicaragua 3,899
San Juan de Río Coco Nicaragua 3,820
Palacagüina Nicaragua 3,678
Muelle de los Bueyes Nicaragua 3,587
Achuapa Nicaragua 3,299
La Libertad Nicaragua 3,127
El Rosario Nicaragua 2,991
Santa Rosa del Peñón Nicaragua 2,913
San Ramón Nicaragua 2,827
Altagracia Nicaragua 2,771
El Almendro Nicaragua 2,681
Tola Nicaragua 2,638
La Paz de Oriente Nicaragua 2,454
Cuapa Nicaragua 2,400
San José de Bocay Nicaragua 2,367
Mozonte Nicaragua 2,338
Catarina Nicaragua 2,327
Totogalpa Nicaragua 2,265
Yalagüina Nicaragua 2,265
La Concordia Nicaragua 2,249
Valle San Francisco Nicaragua 2,219
San José de los Remates Nicaragua 2,115
San Juan de Oriente Nicaragua 2,111
Telpaneca Nicaragua 2,037
Quezalguaque Nicaragua 1,974
Terrabona Nicaragua 1,902
Santa Lucía Nicaragua 1,869
Ciudad Antigua Nicaragua 1,787
Buenos Aires Nicaragua 1,692
La Cruz de Río Grande Nicaragua 1,669
La Jicaral Nicaragua 1,446
San José de Cusmapa Nicaragua 1,419
Morrito Nicaragua 1,360
Nuevo Amanecer Nicaragua 1,292
Comalapa Nicaragua 1,272
Las Sabanas Nicaragua 1,257
Cárdenas Nicaragua 1,204

8 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. lawyer Post author

      Claro que si! Enviarnos con la forma en la derecha del sitio…podemos ayudarle con este terreno!

  1. Mark

    Rather than list the cities by population size, I would find the site more useful if the cities were listed alphabetically. Maybe put sort tabs at the top so the list can be viewed either way.

  2. kit cooper

    I have an exceptional property I would like to list on your website. I see no path to do so on your site. All “clicks” lead back to the city population page.

    1. lawyer Post author

      Thanks! Our Site is in Beta right now, but it’s people like you who make us want to complete it ASAP.

      There is now a contact form on the sidebar if you want to tell us more about the property.

      Thanks for keeping us busy and pushing the site along!


      The Nicaragua Real Estate Team

  3. N Park

    We have a Boutique Hotel on the beach under contract to a Surf Co. We have two houses on the beach, 10 bedrooms 4 bathrooms [one with a bath and the only one on the beach] Rancho and 6 outside showers. These houses are built as close to North American Standards. We are located in Salines Grande near Leon. When you get your website operating please contact me..

    1. NicaraguaRealEstates.com Post author

      That sounds like a great property…if you have any pictures or details let me know and we can list it here for you.


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