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Do you want to sell your property?  We offer a free listing, with 1 image. Enter your Nicaragua property details to the right and we will create your own page.

Want more than just a free listing? You can upgrade your free listing to a premium listing. The premium listing includes:

  • Your contact info and a backlink to your website
  • A premium PRweb press release announcing your property and 2 backlinks to your website from the release (a $369 value). Our PRs get distributed to all major news outlets and have been picked up by the Houston Chronicle, the Seattle Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle, not guaranteed but likely
  • Up to 5 images of your property on our site
  • Total cost: $299

Looking for more? Try out the ultimate listing, which includes:

  • Your contact info, 2 backlinks to your website, and embedding of a youtube video on our site
  • A premium PRweb press release announcing your property and 4 backlinks to multiple websites from the release, embedding of your youtube video, and hand written by us for your property.
  • Up to 20 images of your property
  • Total cost: $499

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